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Ginger Fyre Press is owned by Diane Narraway & Cheryl A Waldron with additional editing and proofreading by Marisha Kiddle. Diane Narraway is an author, writer, and poet for a range of adults and children’s books and publications. Cheryl A Waldron is a writer & illustrator for both adult & children's books as well as a contributor to several magazines and an avid historian. Marisha Kiddle has worked with them on several publications aimed at both adults and children as well as contributing articles to several magazines and is a valuable member of the Ginger Fyre Press team. Diane’s and Cheryl’s latest children's book Magickal Tales to Delight and Inspire is due for re- release later in the year.

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Ginger Fyre Press is a subsidiary company of Venificia Publishing Ltd


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